5 Mistakes Concealed Carriers Make

When it comes to concealed carry, Michigan has neither the most stringent nor the most lenient laws in the nation. Currently, concealed carry is allowed with a permit and open carry is allowed without a permit. In June this year, legislation was introduced in the House that would authorize concealed carry without a permit. That bill is currently sitting in the Senate with a committee.  More recently, three other Read More

5 Estate Planning Considerations for Unmarried Couples

In today's world, more and more couples choose to become life partners in lieu of traditional marriage. Although unmarried couples lack some of the legal rights enjoyed by married couples, there are plenty of estate planning vehicles you can use to make up for that. Consider these estate planning tips to better manage your finances, protect your loved ones, and prepare for the future. 1) Remember: Where there's a Read More

What to Do After a DUI Arrest in Michigan

Flashing lights in the rearview mirror usually mean bad news for someone. If that someone is you because you are suspected of driving under the influence, here’s what you need to do if you’re arrested. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions on what to do, because only a practicing, trained lawyer can advise you of exactly what to do for your unique situation. 1) Get sober in jail. Depending upon your blood Read More

6 Tips to Help Your Friend Who Is Going Through a Divorce

The chances that you know someone who is currently facing a divorce is high given that at least half of all marriages end in divorce.  You may have daily contact with friend and not know of her pending divorce.  But if your friend confides in you about a pending divorce, here are six ways to show your support. 1) Prepare a meal. Divorce adds to the stress that an individual is already experiencing on a daily Read More

The Most Important Documents for Estate Planning

Proper estate planning requires a lot of foresight. Planning for your future (as well as your firearms) will be important to your loved ones. It can mean the difference between creating conflict and confusion or a peaceful time to mourn. Ensuring that you have these essential estate planning documents will help you and your loved ones prepare for the future.      A Will and Trust A will and trust are the Read More

5 Ways a Divorce Can Benefit the Children

Children are often portrayed as the losers in divorce because the assumption is that they would be better off with two parents in the same household, rather than shuffling between homes, or worse, being used as a pawn in the larger divorce fight. However, it is possible for divorce to be beneficial for children. Here’s how. 1) Happier adults make happier children. If two people together are truly miserable, that Read More

6 Tips to Keep Your Guns Safe at Home, Away from Children

It seems as if we everyday we hear a news story about another child who got access to their parent’s gun and injured themselves or another—or worse. Most of these accidents are preventable, and gun owners need to take some steps to truly prevent them. Here are some tips on how to responsibly child-proof your firearms. 1) It’s your responsibility. Remember that as the owner of the firearm, you are responsible for Read More

How to Effectively Co-Parent this Summer

School is out and chances are your kids are looking forward to a lot of sun, swimming, and zero homework. You may not be looking forward to summer, however, because without the schedule of school, your co-parenting arrangements may need to change or at least be altered temporarily. How do you handle vacations? Camp? Here are some tips on effectively co-parenting this summer. 1) Plan and plan. Summer camps start Read More

4 Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Guardian

When you are making out your estate documents and considering what should happen to your assets when you die, consider also the situation where you are alive, but unable to take care of yourself or manage your assets. Who will step in to take over for you when you are not able to do it yourself anymore? What normally happens in this situation is that a guardian is named for you and your estate by the courts. However, Read More

NFA Gun Trusts: What You Need to Know

If you want to leave your beloved shotgun to your nephew when you die, can you just write it in your Will and expect that it will happen? The answer is a resounding no. Just as there are regulations involving the transfer or sale of firearms when you are living, the same holds true when you die. This is where an NFA (National Firearms Act) Gun Trust can be of immense and valuable help. The State of Michigan and Read More