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Start the New Year Right Post-Divorce: 6 Ways You Can Make This Year the Best Year Yet

Even if you are not into annual resolutions, the new year is a great time to reorient yourself after a divorce. Not only can the new year bring new people and experiences into your life, it can help to provide some closure on what you have left behind. Here are 6 ways to use this […]

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What Is a Postnuptial Agreement and What Are Its Advantages?

We’ve all heard of prenuptial agreements – agreements signed between two parties before they get married – but postnuptial agreements are a rare breed. They do exist, however, and are recognized in Michigan. They are essentially an agreement signed after the parties wed and are designed to protect property of an individual in the event […]

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Understanding Post-Judgment Modifications in Michigan

Not only is it possible that at some point a divorce judgment may be modified, it is fairly likely. Parents may need to move for job changes, child support amounts may need to be amended depending upon the needs of the child or the circumstances of the parent, and parenting plans may need tweaking. All […]

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4 Signs of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is still far too common and misunderstood in our society. Yet, it can be a difficult topic to discuss and even harder to spot. Women and men who are suffering from domestic violence will not likely come right out and admit it, either for fear of reprisal or because they themselves are not […]

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5 Ways a Divorce Can Benefit the Children

Children are often portrayed as the losers in divorce because the assumption is that they would be better off with two parents in the same household, rather than shuffling between homes, or worse, being used as a pawn in the larger divorce fight. However, it is possible for divorce to be beneficial for children. Here’s […]

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