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We Have Joint Legal Custody but Cannot Agree. What do I do?

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We have joint Legal Custody but cannot agree on decisions for our children. What do my ex-spouse and I need to do? If you and your ex-spouse decided to – or the court ordered – joint legal custody as part of your judgment, then both parents must agree on major decisions that would affect the children. A significant finding is considered a religious practice, where to attend school, whether to have a vaccination, or whether to have a medical or dental procedure. If the decision is about what to wear to school, parents exercising parenting time that day can make that decision. However, major decisions must be made by both parents. If you cannot agree, then the issue will need to be addressed by the court, and the judge will make the decision. This will require filing a motion for the judge to render a decision that both parents must follow. If you need to decide by a specific date, you should address the issue months ahead of time so that you can have the court timely hear the issue.


Melissa Pearce & Associates has represented parents seeking custody of their children throughout southeast Michigan. We understand that your case is unique – and there is rarely a simple process. We recommend all parents seeking custody consult an experienced Michigan custody attorney before stepping into family court. At Melissa Pearce & Associates, we support each client throughout the process. Maintaining your rights to parent your child as you see fit is intensely emotional. It can be intimidating to have the courts driving such critical decisions. Just as you will, we fiercely protect the interests of the children when engaged in child custody disputes. To schedule your pre-engagement meeting, contact us today.

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