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Five Things to Do After Being Appointed Legal Guardian

Last year, I joined with my daughter in being willing to become legal guardian for my mother. While my mother had at one time drafted an estate plan naming the person that she preferred to have assist her with day-to-day decisions and medical care when she needed help, that individual was not able to provide […]

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“But We Had an Agreement!” The Five Hidden Dangers of Oral Postjudgment Agreements

“But we had an agreement!” This statement is followed by that it was made over the telephone or in person between parties after they have entered a judgment in their case. The parties did not want to go to court to deal with the change that they agreeing as they decided to work it out […]

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Seven Ways To Be A Strong Single Parent

Being a Strong Single Parent I spent eleven years a single mother and learned through the eyes of others just how strong I was at that time. Those outside observations and my reflections have shown how my inner strength as a single mother shaped my children into who they are today. From those observations that […]

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Traveling for a Vacation/Parenting Time & Six Tips to Make It Less Stressful

Traveling for a Vacation/Parenting Time & Six Tips to Make It Less Stressful Do not tell your children first! You have planned a vacation to Disneyland and want to share the news with your children. Your boss has approved your vacation time and it will be scheduled for the upcoming holiday break from school. You […]

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Unscheduled Holiday Parenting Time

In our last few blogs, we have discussed what is holiday parenting time and what holidays are traditionally observed. But what happens if a holiday is important to your family and it is not listed in the holiday parenting time schedule. There are some holidays celebrated across the generations as part of one’s ancestral culture […]

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