In Michigan, family law is a broad area of practice and not every attorney practices the full range of it’s reach. Melissa Pearce & Associates focuses the practice of family law to divorce, child custody, paternity and other matters related to the unity and structure of the family. Our team understands and is dedicated to staying up-to-date with Michigan family law as the lawmakers create and revise statutes and interpretation of those statutes by the appellate courts.

The entire team at Melissa Pearce & Associates provides our clients with individual attention and focusing on finding the individualized solutions that each client needs to amicably redesign his or her family. This approach to the practice of family law is simply not found in other law firms in our area. We are dedicated to being compassionate, honest and direct with each client to ensure that the solutions our team proposes will work for each client’s family. It is our goal to make each client feel like a part of our family during this time.

Family matters, which can be legally complex, are deeply personal and often emotionally charged. To make sound decisions about issues that can have life-long ramifications, you need support and understanding, in addition to expert counsel and assertive representation. You need an attorney that understands that the best interest of the child is the paramount consideration when divorcing. You need an attorney that understands that children are not property, and how divorce can affect a child. Our team is committed to protecting children throughout the divorce and post-divorce process – because kids are innocent bystanders and should not be harmed during the time that parents are redesigning what family means and looks like for their family.

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