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Our founding attorney, Melissa Pearce grew up as a child of a high conflict divorce where her parents’ conflict continued for years. As one of five children, she saw firsthand the different ways individual children can internalize their feelings about being a child of divorce. This became her mission to find a way to contribute to the divorce process that does not negatively impact children. Here at Melissa Pearce & Associates, the entire team has embraced her mission to change the way parties get divorce without causing emotional harm to children. No child should ever feel like she is being pulled apart by having to choose a parent. We have taken this entire concept beyond issues involving children to the entire divorce process, including post-judgment issues as well.

Since the founding of the firm in 2009, our mission is to change the divorce process, attitudes, and tactics that parents use, so children are not negatively affected by their parents’ decisions and will grow up to be emotionally strong adults that build a stronger society for tomorrow. We do this by educating our clients on how to minimize the fighting that tears families apart by finding new ways to define what a family looks like.

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two families are alike or can be served by the law with blanket judgments. Our team always takes the time to understand your family situation, needs, and goals to best determine how we can serve our clients the best as the family in restructured. Because we know that every client has unique needs, we make those needs our priority in every case. It is your family and you know best the unique aspects of your family, you should not place the restructuring of your family in the hands of strangers.

What Sets Us Apart?

We take a team approach to your case. Nothing is stronger than a unified team. Melissa learned this as a child playing sports. She brings this attitude to the practice of law. The entire firm works as a team on your case and works with you as a valued team member. Our clients are the captains of our team and direct the direction of the plays to make during the matter’s progression throughout legal process. Every team needs good communication to be successful in meeting the goals of the team.

The team at Melissa Pearce & Associates understands what good communication should be. So, throughout the case, we make it a priority to keep you informed throughout each stage of the process. We update our clients monthly with letters detailing what is happening next at no cost to our clients. Our attorneys provide you with advice and insight regarding what to expect at court, in front of referees, or during mediation. We expect timely, open and honest communication from our clients back to us.

 Our team has represented clients throughout southeast Michigan in cases not only involving divorce, but also in parenting time modification, child support modification, child custody, paternity, stepparent adoptions, minor guardianships, and emancipation of minors.

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