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About the Firm

Welcome to the Law Office of Melissa M. Pearce, PLC. Melissa has been passionately serving the people of Southeast Michigan with high quality family law as well as firearms law. She is committed to providing the best possible legal representation to her clients and their families.

Putting Kids First in Family Law

Melissa is passionate about guiding her clients through family law matters – while ensuring that their children are protected throughout the process. She knows – through personal experience – how difficult divorce can be on kids, and she works to shelter them from negativity every step of the way.

Effective Firearm Legal Advocate

During Melissa’s time as a public defender extern, she worked on more than 200 cases. This experience showed her just how important it is that civilians be able to protect themselves from harm through the responsible ownership and use of firearms. She is a passionate advocate for the right to carry and legal use of firearms in self-defense. She regularly teaches the legal portion of Concealed Pistol License classes throughout southeast Michigan. In addition, she also conducts seminars that explore the use of self-defense in more depth than can be done in the time allotted in a CPL class setting.

Counsel You Can Trust

When the time comes to make legal decisions that will affect your future, your rights, and your firearms, you can rely on the Law Office of Melissa M. Pearce. She is known to speak openly and truthfully with clients about their situations and the future impact decisions can have. She will represent you aggressively, fairly, and ethically. Her track record and reputation for excellence and knowledge in the law has grown out of her dedication to build long-lasting client relationships.

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today to schedule your initial consultation. We help firearm owners protect their rights and assets. We help couples navigate the divorce process while protecting their kids from the fallout.