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What if I Fail to Answer the Complaint for Divorce?

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What if I fail to Answer the Complaint for Divorce? When you are served with a Complaint for Divorce, you are given 21 days, if served in person, or 28 days if served by mail. If you fail to file an Answer to the Complaint for Divorce, the Plaintiff can file a Request for Entry of Default with the court. Once this is granted, the Plaintiff can move forward with filing a Default Judgment of Divorce and seek the relief that was requested in the Complaint for Divorce. This may mean that you will have a child custody or parenting time arrangement that you do not like or a division of assets that is not fair and equitable. Even if you agree with the Complaint for Divorce, it does not hurt to consult with an attorney to fully advise of your rights and what you could be entitled to under the law.


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