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The idea of divorce can conjure an image of stress, emotional tension, and anxiety for many people. Disagreements and disputes are common in this process, as divorce is an emotionally taxing experience. Fortunately, with the proper help and guidance, it is possible to achieve a peaceful and uncomplicated divorce. 

At Melissa Pearce & Associates, PLC, a Southfield divorce attorney from our team works with families to navigate divorce proceedings with their interests at the forefront. Setting up a pre-engagement meeting is simple. Call us at (248) 397-9606 to speak with one of our Client Coordinators today and learn how we can help uncomplicate the divorce process. 

How Does Divorce Work in Michigan?

The divorce process varies from state to state, with different laws, requirements, and procedures. In Michigan, the process is initiated when one spouse files a complaint with the relevant family court. For residents of Southfield, this is the Family Division of the Oakland Circuit Court. For the purposes of divorce, one spouse (or both) must have resided in Oakland County for at least six months before filing a complaint. 

After the complaint is filed with the court, the spouse requesting the divorce must serve the other with papers. There are a few options available to the other spouse after being served, namely:

  • Respond to the terms of the divorce
  • File a counterclaim contesting the terms of the divorce
  • Accept the terms of the divorce 
  • Do not respond

The latter two options will result in an uncontested divorce, which means that the divorce will proceed according to the terms set forth in the complaint. This has major legal implications for the other spouse, especially if they do not agree with the initial terms. For this reason, it is important to carefully read the papers and ensure that a response is filed with the court within the allotted time-frame. A Southfield divorce attorney can help with both filing and responding to a divorce complaint. 

The actual divorce proceedings will vary depending on the unique circumstances of the family. If there is a significant amount of marital property that must be divided, this can complicate the process. Similarly, if children are present, the courts must carefully weigh the interests of the children and decide custody and visitation accordingly. 

The Divorce Process & Children

Whether or not children are present in a marriage is a major area of concern. The experience that children endure during their parents’ divorce is unique and often highly emotional. At Melissa Pearce & Associates PLC, we believe that children should be protected from disagreements and disputes as much as possible. 

We work that into our practice and approach all issues of child care, custody, and support with the highest level of compassion and empathy. Moreover, we counsel parents on how to better approach conversations and challenges with their children as they work through the divorce process. 

Comprehensive & Compassionate Services

As a knowledgeable and accomplished Southfield divorce attorney, Melissa Pearce has tailored her approach and team’s approach to reflect the full range of issues that divorcing spouses may encounter. We work alongside our clients to handle the following aspects of divorce:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Child custody, care, and visitation
  • Child support 
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Asset and property division
  • Post judgment issues
  • Uncontested divorce and mediation

Regardless of the specific challenge that you are facing or the stage of the divorce process that you are in, we can be of assistance. We have over a decade of experience in handling divorce proceedings, contested and uncontested, with or without children. Through our counsel, we have helped hundreds of families to achieve a smooth, peaceful, and cost-efficient divorce.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Southfield divorce attorney Melissa Pearce receives a variety of questions every day, and we strive to answer our clients’ inquiries as fully and completely as possible. After years of practicing family law, two of the most common questions we hear include:

How Do I Prepare for My Southfield Divorce?

Adequately preparing for a divorce can help the process move along more quickly and easily. Being prepared, organized, and aware of your options can help make the divorce more peaceful and stress-free. Section 552.22 of the MCL necessitates that all marital property be disclosed during the divorce proceedings. As such, take care to compile all financial documents such as: 

  • Tax returns 
  • Bank account statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Mortgage statements
  • Retirement accounts
  • Insurance policies 
  • Loan statements
  • Income information

The court will ask to see these documents in order to understand the value of marital property and how assets will be divided between you and your spouse. 

Additionally, to prepare for your divorce, it can be beneficial to speak with a Southfield divorce attorney about your options. Mediation is a powerful tool for divorcing couples who are able to reach compromise. Speaking about these options beforehand can help you keep the bigger picture in mind and mitigate stress during the divorce process.

Who Will Get Our Southfield Home in My Divorce?

One of the most common issues that arise during a divorce proceeding involves who will get the home after property and asset division. If the home is marital property, meaning it has been acquired during the course of your marriage, then dividing this property can be complicated. If there are enough shared assets available, then one spouse can buy out the other and keep the property. In practice, this looks like one spouse receiving more of the other marital assets to balance out the distribution. 

Alternatively, some divorcing spouses choose to keep the home in both of their names while only one spouse lives there. This option is common for couples who have children that they do not wish to uproot. Here, one spouse will live in the home until a specified date, when the home will be then sold and the profits divided between the two parties. 

Contact Experienced Southfield Divorce Attorney Melissa Pearce

Handling family matters takes a village, and divorce is no different. Going through divorce proceedings alone can be overwhelming and result in time-consuming or costly pitfalls. With Melissa Pearce & Associates, PLC, a Southfield divorce attorney will offer knowledge, top-tier negotiation, and dedicated support to your family when navigating divorce. To learn more about how we can help you, consider contacting our team at (248) 397-9606 today.

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