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Holiday Parenting Time

With the holiday season wrapping up, I wanted to take a minute to share with you some information on how to maintain family traditions during holiday parenting time and how to preserve the joy of holidays that your children have. This way your children can enjoy spending time with both parents in future holidays.

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Joint Legal Custody and School Enrollment

School has started up again. But for many parents who share joint legal custody, the question is being brought up again on who determines which school the children will attend. Disagreements can arise over the ratings of schools, the quality of the courses offered, the cost of attending the school, or the distance that the […]

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Starting the School Year with Shared Custody

The beginning of the school year can be an exciting time for children. They are excited to learn who their new teacher is and if any of their friends are in their class this year. They may look forward to the annual school clothes shopping sprees or want to pick out their new school supplies. […]

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Five Tips for Blending Families After Remarriage

Blending families is not an easy task with children. It will take time and patience as well as lots of love. I learned lessons from when I remarried and from my children years later. Here are the top five tips that I learned while working on blending two families into one.

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The Emotional Impact of Bell’s Palsy and Divorce

What does Bell’s Palsy have to do with divorce?

It is the emotions of when I first discovered something was wrong through the next few days that reminded me of what it was like when my ex-husband stated he wanted a divorce. I have learned over the past nineteen years that while situations may vary, the feelings progress almost the same.

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