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Communication: First Agree on How to Communicate

Because I have heard of many issues surrounding communicating between parties, I want to share with everyone some tips on how to communicate with the other parent. In the past 11 and a half years of practice, the one thing that I have seen predominantly across all divorces with children is a problem in communication between the parents. Let us face it, there is a reason people get divorced. There is a reason one of the parties filed first, or maybe both parties came to the agreement that this marriage is not working, and the best thing is to end the marriage. That decision was communicated to the other parent.

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Communication: the Foundational Tip for Healthy Co-Parenting

If you are going to co-parent, you need to learn how to communicate. You do not have to be best friends, but you do need to communicate. You need to communicate things about health, education, extracurricular activities, and daily problems. It can be hard raising kids, especially in those teenage years.

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Parenting Time During the Holidays

If you are beginning the divorce process, the holiday season can bring up emotional stress. In the past, your family may have enjoyed holiday traditions as a family. However, things will change, and the holiday season will be spent without children present or celebrated on alternate days to accommodate parenting time schedules. Children will adapt if their parents are handling the change with composure.

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Why Doesn’t She Leave Him?

The Dangers of Domestic Violence “Why doesn’t she leave him?” This was the topic of a Ted Talk that I watched recently. In that talk, Laura Morgan Steiner shared her story of being abused by her first husband. The abuse not only included physical beatings but also having loaded guns held to her head as […]

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Children’s Property Belongs to the Children

Joint Legal Custody and Children’s Property In Michigan, when parents have agreed to or are granted joint legal custody, language is typically added to the Judgment of Divorce to define what joint legal custody means. One of the paragraphs defining joint legal custody states as follows: That the child’s clothing, toys, equipment, and personal effects […]

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